Life at Berkshire

Berkshire has a high-energy, entrepreneurial atmosphere. Our team is regularly immersed in work that is challenging, thought-provoking and rewarding.

We Work Hard

Whether in acquisitions, portfolio management, accounting, property management or other areas of our business, we strive for excellence every day, working alongside some of the best and brightest in the industry. Joining Berkshire means becoming part of a team of performance-driven professionals who know what is expected of them and are provided the information and authority to do their job.

We Develop Our Talents

We understand the importance of professional growth and focus on developing the skills our team will need to service our investors and residents now and in the future. We highly value our employees and encourage development from within. Many of our employees have risen through the ranks over the years, taking on new responsibilities as our Company grows. We actively encourage employees to seek opportunities for professional development and enrichment.

We Communicate

Business leaders throughout the Company keep open and regular lines of communications with their teams, whether through quarterly meetings, periodic conference calls with executives, or our Annual Leadership Conference.

We Celebrate Our Successes

As hard as we work, we also take the time to celebrate our successes, and each other, whether through our annual outing, holiday events, birthday celebrations, or social hours.